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Your Spot

Book your initial video consultation with a board certified doctor specialized in weight management for 7-10 days from today. In the meantime we'll collect your medical records on your behalf.

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Your Doctor

Meet your Form Health doctor for your initial video consultation to review your medical history, draft a personalized weight loss plan, and discuss the potential use of medication - all billed through your insurance.

Step 2


to Join Form

After your initial video consultation, it's your decision to enroll in Form for $99/month. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on your program fee and you can cancel
any time.

Step 3


After my initial consultation,
how much does the monthly program cost?


Monthly Program Fee +
Form Doctor Visits Billed Through Insurance. 

Experience the benefits of personalized weight loss treatment led by physicians specially trained in obesity medicine.

We will bill your insurance for your Form doctor visits. Your monthly program fee will not be covered by insurance. You will be responsible for any copay, coinsurance, or deductible just like you would be for an in-person visit. If you would prefer not to use insurance, you can opt into Form's $199 cash pay option after enrolling.


We've got you covered.

We accept most health insurance to help cover the cost of your Form doctor visits. And you can also use your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for our program fee.

Accepted health insurance plans:

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+ many more!

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Medical Care

You'll work with a dedicated care team - a Form doctor and dietitian who are always there throughout your weight loss journey.


Telehealth Convenience

Avoid the hassle of in-office counseling. Meet your doctor and dietitian via video, text messaging; track your meals and stay up-to-date with information entirely through the Form Health app.


Individualized Plan

Using evidence-based strategies, our experts will collaboratively design an initial plan tailored to your unique needs that will continually adjust based on your progress.


FDA-Approved Medication

If lifestyle changes alone
haven’t proven to be effective,
your Form doctor may
discuss your candidacy for
weight loss medication.

Stories from real life.

I've stopped using blood pressure medicine, and my cholesterol levels HAVE IMPROVED DRAMATICALLY.

— Marcus T.

Frequently asked questions

If I choose to continue with Form after my consultation, what's included in my monthly program?

With our monthly program, you'll get: - Personalized weight loss plan development - 3x per month video calls with your care team (Form doctor and dietitian) - Ongoing care and unlimited messaging to track progress - Optional group counseling - Personal scale shipped to your home

Do I have to commit for a certain amount of time?

No, you can cancel at any time.

How much weight will I lose?

Everyone is different, so results vary and depend on each person’s weight loss journey. The average Form Health patient loses 5% of their body weight after 3 months and 10% of their body weight after 6 months on the program.

How does this work with my primary care physician?

We will obtain your medical records from your primary care team so we can fully understand your medical history. Sometimes we discover issues during our comprehensive care and may need to enlist your PCP to help you better understand or treat those issues. We are all part of your health care team, working to help you achieve your weight goals and be your healthiest self.

Will I be prescribed medication?

For some patients, our doctors can prescribe safe, effective, FDA-approved medications to help with weight loss. Medications may help manage cravings, stabilize blood sugar, or help you feel full with smaller portions. These medications only work when paired with a nutritious eating plan, physical activity, and other healthy behaviors. You and your doctor will make any medication decisions in the context of your complete weight loss plan.

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